Wall Rush (Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy)

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Wall Rush is a state in which the player has sustained an attack that sent them towards a wall or floor, triggering a response during which the player cannot act without meter. Once this happens, the player suffers roughly an additional 25 % damage of the previously inflicted bravery or HP damage. Wall Rush is often a property found in moves with notable knockback but it is applied to specific moves. For example, Zidane's Meo Twister sends the opponent abnormally far but does not inflict Wall Rush despite the fact.

During a Wall Rush, the player is vulnerable to an Assist character's attacks. Conversely, if an Assist character wall rushed an opponent, they are then susceptible to follow-up attacks from the player character. A player character who wall rushed their opponent cannot immediately peel them off the wall for another follow-up by themselves, this requires an Assist for it and vice-versa.

Also, while being wall rushed the player can utilise Assist Change, either LV1 or LV2 by consuming one or two assist bars respectively. If the EX meter is full, R + Square will initiate EX Revenge instead of EX Mode. This applies even during an assist call's slowdown.

Recovering from a Wall Rush

  • Ground Rush (a Wall Rush that happened on the ground)

Invincible from frame 1 to 88, cancelable after 71 frames, the state ends after 123 frames. Can be canceled with an attack, dash, movement or a block. With the invincibility period in mind, a player can attempt to delay their action up to 17 frames to disorient an opponent's attack timing.

  • Wall or Ceiling Rush

Invincible from frames 1 to 72, cancelable after 71 frames, state ends after 73 frames. Can be canceled with an attack, dash, movement or a block.

Equipment that influences Wall Rush

Only LV100 equipment is listed below.


  • Gungnir (Spear) - HP -328, ATK +69, DEF -1, Wall Rush BRV Damage +50 %
  • Earthbreaker (Axe) - BRV -80, ATK +69, Wall Rush HP Damage +20 %
  • Fenrir (Exclusive, Cloud) - ATK +69, DEF -1, Wall Rush HP Damage +20 %, slight Sneak Attack effect
  • Sin's Fang (Exclusive, Jecht) - HP -595, BRV +79, ATK +68, Wall Rush BRV Damage +50 %, slight Sneak Attack effect
  • Air Anchor (Machine) - HP -595, BRV +79, ATK +67, Accessory Breakability +5 %, Wall Rush BRV Damage +30 %


  • Hero's Shield (Shield) - DEF +73, Wall Rush HP Defense +20 %
  • Chainsaw (Machine) - HP -595, BRV +79, DEF +73, Accessory Breakability +5 %, Wall Rush HP Damage +20 %


  • Brigandine (Light Armor) - HP +2973, Wall Rush BRV Defense +50 %

Accessories that influence Wall Rush

Basic Accessories

  • Guard Ring - Wall Rush Defense +5 %
  • Block Ring - Wall Rush Defense +10 %
  • Booster - Wall Rush BRV Damage +40 %
  • Sniper Eye - Wall Rush HP Damage +10 %
  • Defense Veil - Wall Rush BRV Defense +20 %
  • Decoy - Wall Rush HP Defense +10 %

Special Accessories

  • Eye for an Eye - Add bravery to damage when reflecting a magical HP attack
  • Steel Curtain - Wall Rush Defense +10 %
  • Berserker Ring - Wall Rush Damage +10 %
  • Sturm und Drang - Physical Damage +3 %, Wall Rush BRV Damage +40 %, Chase BRV Damage +7 %
  • Soul of Thamasa - Magic Damage +3 %, Wall Rush BRV Damage +40 %, Chase BRV Damage +7 %