Statistic (Dissidia 012)

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Also known as stats, statistics refer to an aspect of a character's attributes, such as maximum amount of health or attack power

In Dissidia 012, each character has six attributes that can be raised through abilities, equipment, accessories, summons and character levels.


Also known as hit points. Determines a character's maximum health and how much they might currently have in battle. During battle, HP can only be reduced by HP attacks. If it is reduced to 0, the character is incapacitated and the battle is over.

Near Death

Near Death state occurs when a character's HP drops under a certain HP threshold. It is indicated with a red hue over the player character, their HUD as well as a low-key beeping sound effect. The threshold for near death always scales with the character's current maximum health, so it will activate accordingly regardless of a character's level.

  • 20% HP (Normal. e.g max HP is 10,000 = activates at 2000 HP.)
  • 30% HP with Achy+ Extra Ability.

In Near Death your critical hit rate is slightly raised, and more with Back To the Wall Extra Ability equipped. Hitting the opponent when at risk can provide a chunk of assist meter, also known as Assist Charge.


Capacity points. Determines how many abilities can be equipped simultaneously. Can be increased with special accessories Hero's Spirit and Hero's Essence. Equip two Hero's Spirit and one Hero's Essence for a maximum of 510 CP with any character.


Bravery points. Determines how much bravery a character can have at the start of a battle.

Increased by connecting bravery attacks and it is depleted by any attack that inflicts bravery damage.


Luck. Influences rates for item drops and Battlegen.

All characters have the following base values at level 100.

HP 6999
CP 450
BRV 667
LUK 60

Attack (ATK) and Defense (DEF)

ATK affects how much damage a character can perform with their bravery attacks. DEF affects how much damage is mitigated when a character takes damage from the opponent's attacks.

Refer to the damage formula for details on how the stats influence damage.

Base ATK and DEF stats at level 100
Character ATK DEF
Warrior of Light 110 113 (+10 EX Mode)
Garland 111 112
Firion 111 112
The Emperor 110 112
Onion Knight 107 111
Cloud of Darkness 109 111
Cecil 109 (+2 in DK) 110 (+2 in PLD)
Golbez 110 112
Kain 110 111
Bartz 110 111
Exdeath 110 113
Gilgamesh 111 111
Terra 111 110
Kefka 111 110
Cloud 110 112
Sephiroth 111 111
Tifa 108 111
Squall 109 111
Ultimecia 111 109
Laguna 111 110
Zidane 108 110
Kuja 109 111
Tidus 110 111
Jecht 112 111
Yuna 110 110
Shantotto 112 109
Prishe 109 110
Vaan 109 112
Gabranth 108 (+4 EX Mode) 109 (+3 EX Mode)
Lightning 109 (+1 COM) 111
Feral Chaos 113 (+1 EX Mode) 114 (+1 EX Mode)

Both of these stats are listed on every character's page, along with an arbitrary ranking in ellipses to better illustrate the value of the stats.

113 Highest
112 Very High
111 High
110 Average
109 Low
108 Very Low
107 Lowest
114 Highest
113 Very High
112 High
111 Average
110 Low
109 Lowest