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Blodge is a technique in which the player cancels a block into a dodge within the first four frames of the blocking state. It is a sort of an option select, a sequence of inputs that can cover two defensive options within a short time frame. It is a powerful technique that will see use at higher levels of play, especially should a player use Exdeath.

Blodge example  

Warrior of Light blodges the opponent's Rising Buckler,
staggering them and retaliating with Shield Strike.

How to perform

All characters can perform this, as long as they have a block and a dodge ability equipped. The idea is identical to performing Dash feints.
1) Press R. Keep holding R.
2) Now press X right after inputting R. Do not input both at the same time. Instead, X should be right after R. You have 4 frames to time this input.
3) You have now cancelled a block into a dodge.


Blodge's most common use is using it to pre-emptively defend against a low priority bravery move. When performed correctly, the player will automatically proceed to dodge regardless of the interaction's outcome, increasing their chances of defending properly. If a low priority bravery move connects while blocking, the opponent will get staggered. Should the opponent become staggered from this technique, the player can proceed to cancel their dodge's endlag with an aerial attack in an attempt to perform a counter attack.

As the player still cancels into a dodge, they are either bound to a specific direction if performed on the ground or they can influence their dodging direction freely midair. Players may have to reduce their travelled air dodge distance to secure a counterattack upon staggering an opponent. A staggered opponent can still be hit by an assist character which can be used to bypass final EX Revenge situations or as a safer method to initiate a retaliation with a max distance air dodge.

Despite a regular block losing to Ranged High moves that inflict guard crush, blodge can still be used to nullify such moves.

Blodge vs. Ranged High moves  

Blodge flare2.gif
Cloud cancels an aerial block into a dodge, performing
the blodge technique against The Emperor's HP attack, Flare.