CP Glitch (Dissidia 012)

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CP glitch is an exploit in Dissidia 012 that allows a character to wear a normally unwearable piece of equipment (weapon, armor) without having the necessary Extra Abilities equipped.

In practice, this can save up to 40 CP (10 CP per piece of equipment) in any character build, but it is more common to do this for only one or two pieces of equipment in an optimised set. As this is applicable to any character in the game and is accessible without third party software or hex editing a running game, this has been deemed legal for tournament play.

How to do it

Founder: ujhbn

  • Unequip all extra abilities for a character of your choice and only put on one of the "[role]'s Gear" extra ability, e.g Peltast's Gear.
  • Equip the item you want, e.g Piggy's Stick on Jecht
  • Go back to the abiity menu screen, go to extra abilities and press triangle to sort them.
  • Choose the "Equipped" option
  • As long as your "equip ability" is the only one active, you can turn this ability off without the game asking you to unequip all equipments
  • Exit the ability menu and enter again, to either repeat the process or to equip the rest of the extra abilities you want