Dash feint

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Dash feint, also known as spot dashing, is a technique that exploits an early input window during block to cancel into a dash repeatedly in quick fashion.

Dash feint example  
Dash feint as performed by Warrior of Light

How to perform

All characters can perform this, as long as they have a Block and a Dash ability equipped. This can be performed before or after a dash.
1) Press R. Keep holding R.
2) Now press triangle right after inputting R. Do not input both at the same time. Instead, triangle should be right after R. You have 4 frames to time this input.
3) You have now cancelled a block into a dash. Repeat as necessary.


A notable use for this technique is that it allows a player to maintain their current position while using the passive ability "Assist Gauge Up Dash" to generate Assist meter with the dash. However, as this does not count as an offensive move that delays assist meter decay, prolonged use of dash feinting will result in meter decay, nullifying the meter generation. Be sure to whiff a move with low recovery time to offset this.

As this technique can be performed out of a dash, it also allows a player to re-align their Free Air Dash to chase after an opponent's aerial dodge for a punish.

Due to it's repeatable and at times ambigious nature, this can be used to delay approaches to catch an opponent's counter measure off-guard.

Note, that if you have Omni Ground Dash or Omni Air Dash equipped while performing a dash feint, the character will always dash forward first without accounting for the opponent's vertical axis.