Movement Speed Ranking (Dissidia 012)

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This page contains rankings of speeds involving running, dashing and falling. Originally documented on Dissidia Forums, the following charts can be used as a reference for how fast a character is at a specific action.

Please note: The method for checking frames was done via in-game replays. Dissidia 012 records and runs replays at 30 frames per second, while the frame data for moves assumes footage runs at 60 frames per second. Please keep this in mind when browsing this page.

Character Movement Speed

Courtesy of ujhbn
From fastest to slowest

Rank Character
0 Feral Chaos (EX Mode)
1.5 Tidus (EX Mode)
2 Prishe (EX Mode)
2.5 Feral Chaos, Onion Knight
4 Tifa = Zidane = Tidus (Normal) = Gabranth (EX mode)
5 Cecil (Paladin) = Squall = Jecht = Prishe (Normal)
6 WoL = Bartz = Shantotto = Vaan = Lightning
7 Golbez > Cloud = Yuna > Kuja
8 The Emperor > Firion = Kain
9 CoD > Cecil (Dark Knight) = Sephiroth = Laguna
10.5 Garland = Gilgamesh > Terra
11.5 Kefka
12 Gabranth
13.5 Ultimecia
?? Exdeath

Notes from the author regarding movement speed

  • Only the Emperor got a VERY slight (less than 2%) speed boost, all other old characters remains the same speed as in the previous game.
  • Each rank's difference is around 8%, which is the amount of the ability "Speed Boost" gives.
  • Within each rank, there maybe little differences between characters, but the differences are no more than 2% in general.
  • No rank number for Exdeath because even with Speed Boost++, he is still much much slower than Ultimecia.

For anyone interested, results of testings:

Speed Test
Done in World of Darkness, number of frames (time) needed to travel from one end to the opposite were counted. Characters have no Speed Boost equipped.

Frames Character
335 Feral Chaos (EX Mode)
376 Tidus (EX Mode)
396 Prishe (EX Mode)
408, 417 Feral Chaos, Onion Knight
468 Tifa = Zidane = Tidus (Normal) = Gabranth (EX mode)
500 Cecil (Paladin) = Squall = Jecht = Prishe (Normal)
536 WoL = Bartz = Shantotto = Vaan = Lightning
568 Golbez > Cloud = Yuna > Kuja
614 The Emperor > Firion = Kain
671 CoD > Cecil (Dark Knight) = Sephiroth = Laguna
738 Garland = Gilgamesh > Terra
818 Kefka
834 Gabranth
949 Ultimecia
2456 Exdeath

Dash Speed

Courtesy of Corde
“This was easy to check. All the characters cover the same distance with the same type of dash, at different speeds.”

Frames Character
65 Tidus (EX Mode)
69 Onion Knight, Tifa, Prishe (EX Mode)
73 Zidane, Tidus, Prishe, Gabranth (EX Mode), Lightning
77 Warrior of Light, Cecil (Paladin), Golbez, Bartz, Gilgamesh, Cloud, Squall, Kuja, Jecht, Shantotto, Vaan, Feral Chaos
81 Garland, Firion, Emperor, Cecil (Dark Knight), Kain, Terra, Kefka, Sephiroth, Laguna
85 Cloud of Darkness, Ultimecia, Yuna, Gabranth
89 Exdeath

Character Fall Speed

Courtesy of Corde
“Things change significantly coming at fall speeds. It simply represents how quickly the characters touch the ground free-falling from the same height. It's not indicative of the acceleration (some characters start falling slowly than gradually speed-up, others have an early sprint).”

Frames Character
65 Tidus (EX Mode)
67 Kain, Gilgamesh, Kefka, EX Gabranth, Feral Chaos
71 Prishe (EX Mode)
73 Tidus, Vaan
75 Laguna, Prishe, Lightning
77 Garland, Tifa
81 Firion, Cecil (Dark Knight), Squall, Zidane, Jecht, Gabranth
85 Onion Knight, Terra, Sephiroth
87 Warrior of Light, Cloud
89 Cecil (Paladin), Bartz, Kuja, Yuna
97 The Emperor, Shantotto
109 Cloud of Darkness
111 Exdeath
115 Ultimecia

Fall Speed Ratio After a Dodge

Courtesy of Corde
"The falling speed after a dodge changes further on. Some speed up even before the dodge animation ends. Others gain speed gradually. Still others fall slowly for some time, then suddenly sink like lead! This basically represent how quickly a character gains speed immediately after an aerial dodge."

Frames Character
13 Kefka
14 Onion Knight, Tidus (EX Mode), Prishe (EX Mode)
16 Kain, Gabranth (EX Mode), Feral Chaos
18 Zidane
20 Tidus
21 Prishe
22 Gilgamesh
28 Vaan, Lightning
34 Gabranth
35 Laguna
37 Tifa
38 Firion, Squall
39 Cecil (Dark Knight), Bartz, Cloud, Jecht
40 Warrior of Light, Cecil (Paladin), Golbez, Yuna
41 Garland, Sephiroth, Kuja
42 Ultimecia
43 Terra, Shantotto
44 The Emperor, Exdeath
45 Cloud of Darkness


Courtesy of ujhbn
Glide speed, from fastest to slowest

Rank Characters
1 Kuja (EX Mode)
2 Sephiroth
3 Terra
4 Kuja
5 Kefka

Glide steering

Rank Character
1 Kuja (EX Mode)
2 Kefka
3 Terra, Kuja
4 Sephiroth

Floating time, from dropping slowest to dropping the fastest

Rank Character
1 Kuja (EX Mode), Kefka
2 Terra, Kuja
3 Sephiroth

Notes from the author regarding glide speed

  • Glide speed is NOT affected by Speed Boost/+/++ abilities. It is Glide Boost's job.
  • For Kuja,Glide Boost == Normal mode only. EX Glide Boost == EX mode only. No stacking whatsoever.

Ability Glide Boost
As far as I have tested, this ability boosts 2 things:

  • Glide speed goes up exactly 1 rank, about +8%;
  • Steering boost - allow you turning in a sharper angle. But the effect is so minimal that it is hardly noticed except on Sephiroth.
  • It does NOT make you stay longer in the air.

Results of testing: Glide speed was tested in the same manner as walking speed:

Frames with and without Glide Boost Character
288, 266 Kuja (EX Mode), Sephiroth
312, 288 Terra
340, 312 Kuja
368, 340 Kefka

Interesting Note: Gliding Kefka is faster than running EX Tidus (w/o Speed Boost)
References: JP wiki
I have done testings to make sure they are still the same in the NA/EU version.