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Ranged Attack Strength

Ranged Attack Strength (Magic Contact Determination in Japanese) is a hidden value that determines which projectile prevails when two ranged Bravery attacks collide. A higher RAS attack will break through a lower RAS attack, and equal attacks cancel each other out.

The hierarchies are:

Mighty > Potent > Moderate > Weak; Anomalous

Anomalous attacks are not affected by any attacks in the hierarchy and will phase through each other. HP attacks are considered to have Mighty RAS.

RAS applies to projectiles across all classes.

Generally, many Vanguard and Assassin characters tend to have Weak RAS attacks.

Many Marksman characters tend to have Moderate RAS attacks, with some Vanguard, Assassin or Specialist characters having attacks of this strength as well.

Potent RAS attacks tend to belong to Marksman characters, though some Specialist characters have these attacks too.

Poise and Interrupt

Poise and Interrupt (Keep and Cut in Japanese) are hidden values that determine if a player's attack will be thwarted by another player's attack. Poise, the defensive value, is matched against Interrupt, the offensive value, at the same time when the attacks contact each other.

When Interrupt is higher than Poise, the lower Poise is stopped in its tracks. When Poise is higher than Interrupt, the player will appear to "armor" through the attack, although damage still applies. Generally, Poise/Interrupt hierarchies are:

HP attacks > Vanguard > Assassin = Specialist > Marksman

Summons' attacks have Vanguard Interrupt values.

EX skills Poisonga, Slowga and Bindga have Marksman Interrupt values.

There are exceptions, where some characters can gain the Poise or Interrupt of classes higher than their own (e.g. Bartz's Blue Mage gains Vanguard Poise when mastered). A character's attack does not necessarily have active Poise frames throughout the entire attack, and hence even a lower Poise character can still thwart attacks (e.g. Cloud has gaps in his Cross Slash Poise frames that a Marksman can use to stop the attack). Some characters have Poise values that begin even before the attack begins, or remain after the attack concludes.

Some EX skills have active Poise frames, like Ramza's Focus and Galvanize, or the generic HP Regen.

The interaction between two projectiles are not calculated via Poise and Interrupt but by Ranged Attack Strength.

Tandem Attacks