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"Become one with the Void and send your enemies into an endless cycle of nothingness" -Thesius

Exdeath can switch between three skillsets at will to weaken his enemies greatly. With a different EX skill for each one, he possess an array of options with which to overwhelm the opposition.

Exdeath (エクスデス) is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy V and a warrior of Spiritus in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

Type / Class : Unique / Specialist


  • Dark Mage I
  • Dark Mage II
  • Dark Mage III
  • Root of Evil I
  • Root of Evil II
  • Root of Evil III


  • Moore Branch
  • Animus
  • Prodiminance
  • ?



Bravery attacks


Use sorcery to manipulate your sword into performing a series of deft blows.

Send your opponent flying with an eruption of rocks from beneath their feet. (Opponent cannot recover during combo)


Use sorcery to manipulate your sword into performing a series of deft blows.

Position your sword in front of you before charging toward your target.

Send a powerful projectile to pursue your opponent.


Teleport to the position indicated by the magic symbol you send forth and follow up with an attack. If your attack hits, you may cancel it into another bravery attack. (Hold to charge)

HP attacks


Unlock Conditions

Reach character level one.
Unleash a wave of arcane energy at mid-range. Charging increases range.


Unlock Conditions

Reach character level two.
Manifest a tornado at your foe's position that remains for a short period of time.


Unlock Conditions

Reach character level five.
Release the power of the Void on a nearby foe. Hold to reduce the movement speed of enemies in your immediate area. (Can move while casting)


Unlock Conditions

Reach character level ten.
Erect a barrier that deflects bravery attacks (and HP attacks if charged), creating a window for counterattacks. (Can move while casting)

EX skills

Attack your opponent and spawn a black hole on top of them, applying a debuff that rapidly decreases their bravery. The Black Hole debuff will be removed from you after a certain period of time passes, after Exdeath is hit, after your bravery returns to default value after being broken, or after being hit with an HP attack and your bravery returns to default value.

Create an area around yourself within which EX skills cannot be used.

Temporarily increase the effects of debuffs while in hexer mode. Furthermore, you attacks will apply debuffs even when you are in other modes.


Changes modes in the following order: berserker, nullifier, hexer. In Berserker mode, Exdeath's attacks are more potent, he can interrupt more easily, and has more poise. In Nullifier mode, landing attacks fills his EX skill gauge faster while preventing enemies from using common EX skills. In Hexer mode, Exdeath's attacks also diminish the attack potency, defense, and movement speed of his enemies they hit, at the expense of Exdeath's own attack potency.


Name Execution Damage Startup Properties
Sword Dance https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/8/8f/PlayStation_button_X.svg/20px-PlayStation_button_X.svg.png × × ×
Vacuum Wave Forward × × ×
Earth Shaker Back × × ×

Name Execution Damage Startup Properties
Mode Change L3 × × ×