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Platform Android, iOS
Release date JP 2017-02-01
GL 2018-01-30

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is a turn-based role-playing game by Koei Tecmo and Square Enix.

Global version Japanese version

General information

Ranks ~5: 10 Followers +2 Follower each rank up

Login bonuses

Event campaign bonus:

  • Moogle Key ×3

Daily login bonus

  1. Gil ×1000
  2. Book of Training ×2
  3. Gem ×100
  4. Book of Fortune ×2
  5. Gem ×300
  6. Book of Treasure ×2
  7. Gil ×2000
  8. Draw Ticket ×1

  1. [[Items (Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia)#|]] ×
  2. [[Items (Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia)#|]] ×
  3. [[Items (Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia)#|]] ×
  4. [[Items (Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia)#|]] ×
  5. [[Items (Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia)#|]] ×
  6. [[Items (Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia)#|]] ×
  7. [[Items (Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia)#|]] ×
  8. [[Items (Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia)#|]] ×

Character release history

See dedicated page: Characters (Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia)

Story characters

  1. 2018-01-30 Warrior of Light, Vivi, Rem, Sazh, Tifa, Cloud, Hope, Y'shtola
  2. 2018-01-30 Zidane, Cecil, Yda, Vaan
  3. 2018-01-30 Yuna, Yuffie, Edge, King, Bartz
  4. 2018-01-30 Penelo, Terra, Yang, Onion Knight
  5. 2018-01-30 Firion, Laguna, Steiner, Shadow
  6. 2018-02-28 Wakka, Galuf, Shantotto
  7. 2018-03-29 Zell, Vincent, Layle
  8. 2018-05-31 Cyan, Papalymo, Lightning

Spoiler: Story characters release schedule as per the Japanese version

  1. Warrior of Light (Ch1)
  2. Vivi (Ch1)
  3. Rem (Ch1)
  4. Sazh (Ch1)
  5. Tifa (Ch1)
  6. Cloud (Ch1)
  7. Hope (Ch1)
  8. Y'shtola (Ch1)
  9. Zidane (Ch2)
  10. Cecil (Ch2)
  11. Yda (Ch2)
  12. Vaan (Ch2)
  13. Yuna (Ch3)
  14. Yuffie (Ch3)
  15. Edge (Ch3)
  16. King (Ch3)
  17. Bartz (Ch3)
  18. Penelo (Ch4)
  19. Terra (Ch4)
  20. Yang (Ch4)
  21. Onion Knight (Ch4)
  22. Firion (Ch5)
  23. Laguna (Ch5)
  24. Steiner (Ch5)
  25. Shadow (Ch5)
  26. Wakka (Ch6)
  27. Galuf (Ch6)
  28. Shantotto (Ch6)
  29. Zell (Ch7)
  30. Layle (Ch7)
  31. Vincent (Ch7)
  32. Lightning (Ch8)
  33. Cyan (Ch8)
  34. Papalymo (Ch8)
  35. Edgar (Ch9)
  36. Serah (Ch9)
  37. Irvine (Ch9)
  38. Seifer (Ch10)
  39. Raijin (Ch10)
  40. Fujin (Ch10)
  41. Jecht (Ch11)
  42. Lilisette (Ch11)
  43. Yuri (Ch11)
  44. Cait Sith (Interlude)
  45. Seven (Arc2 Ch1)
  46. Paladin Cecil (Arc2 Ch2)
  47. Freya (Arc2 Ch3)
  48. Paine (Arc2 Ch4)
  49. Noel (Arc2 Ch5)

Event characters

  1. 2018-02-05 Squall
  2. 2018-02-12 Vanille
  3. 2018-02-19 Setzer
  4. 2018-03-05 Balthier
  5. 2018-03-12 Eiko
  6. 2018-03-19 Tidus
  7. 2018-04-04 Prishe
  8. 2018-04-11 Faris
  9. 2018-04-18 Ramza
  10. 2018-04-30 Ace
  11. 2018-05-07 Seymour
  12. 2018-05-14 Sabin
  13. 2018-05-21 Krile
  14. 2018-06-04 Thancred
  15. 2019-02-04 Beatrix

Spoiler: Event characters release schedule as per the Japanese version

  1. Squall
  2. Vanille
  3. Setzer
  4. Balthier
  5. Eiko
  6. Tidus
  7. Prishe
  8. Faris
  9. Ramza
  10. Ace
  11. Seymour
  12. Sabin
  13. Krile
  14. Thancred
  15. Snow
  16. Cater
  17. Ashe
  18. Aerith
  19. Lion
  20. Garnet
  21. Auron
  22. Celes
  23. Kain
  24. Maria
  25. Palom
  26. Kuja
  27. Quistis
  28. Kefka
  29. Lenna
  30. Sephiroth
  31. Cid
  32. Zack
  33. Rydia
  34. Alisaie
  35. Noctis
  36. Selphie
  37. Gilgamesh
  38. Relm
  39. Leon
  40. Fang
  41. Deuce
  42. Agrias
  43. Locke
  44. Barret
  45. Rosa
  46. Golbez
  47. Rinoa
  48. Lulu
  49. Lann & Reynn
  50. Vayne
  51. Fran
  52. Porom
  53. Cinque
  54. Prompto
  55. Alphinaud
  56. Aphmau
  57. Sherlotta
  58. Garland
  59. Ultimecia

Event history

See dedicated page: Events (Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia)

Version history


2019-01-30 08:00 UTC


  • [Crystal Awakening]
    • Penelo's crystal strength has been unlocked
  • [Power Tokens]
  • Power Tokens have been added to the game. Power Tokens can be used in the Power Token Exchange shop to trade for Template:5* weapons
  • [Novice Missions]
    • Novice missions have been added to the game. Novice missions will be accessible after watching the cutscene "An Unexpected Enounter" in Chapter 1, and can be accessed form the home page and the missions page (Rewards for novice missions that have previously been completed can immediately be claimed, but a portion of the missions will require players to complete the missions again in order to receive the rewards)
  • [Changes to in-game limits]
    • The maximum number of Gear Slots that can be purchased from the Item Shop has been increased from 300 to 500 (60 purchases → 100 purchases)
    • The maximum number of passive abilities obtained from artifacts that each character can learn has been increased from 3 to 5 (Each character can still equip only a maximum of 3 passive abilities obtained from artifacts)
  • [Other updates]
    • The Co-op First Meet Rewards have been reset. Players will be able to get 200 gems for every new player they encounter in co-op quests, up to 20 times
    • A pop-up will now be shown to inform players when Kupocards are completed
    • A download confirmation prompt will be shown on screens such as the title screen when additional files need to be downloaded
    • The number of notices shown each time players access the home screen has been reduced
    • Artifacts for Alisaie, Selphie and Gilgamesh have been added into the permanent World of Illusions: Artifacts
    • Various UI updates

Addressed Issues

  • Descriptions for passive abilities obtained from artifacts not being displayed under certain circumstances
  • All instances of Shantotto's command ability "Spirit Magic: Aero" have been renamed to "Elemental Magic: Aero"
  • All instances of debuff "HP Attack Lock" (inflicted by Kefka's command ability Trine) have been rename to "HP Attack Disable"
  • The description for buff "Greater Damage" (granted by Krile's command ability "Ray of Hope" and "Ray of Hope+") has been updated; "Deals more damage when attacking an enemy's weakness" → "Deal more damage when attacking an enemy's elemental weakness"
  • Various text and bug fixes


2018-08-29 08:00 UTC

Addressed Issues

  • The game having compatibility issues with devices on Android 9.0 (Pie)
  • Setzer's command ability "Red Card" not affecting the frequency of knock back occurrences when equipped with affinity ability "Winner's Soul"
  • Balthier's command ability "Great Aim" not affecting the frequency of knock back occurrences
  • Balthier's command ability "Great Aim" not being able to steal a buff when killing the last enemy of a wave
  • Wakka's command ability "Great Daring" giving an ATK Up I buff instead of ATK Up II, even though the ability description states ATK Up II
  • Certain passive abilities and affinity abilities not including all affected abilities in the description (ability description adjustments will be regularly done from this update onwards)
  • The blessing text for Brothers has been updated: Raises BRV by X% when HP is at least 80% of MAX HP → Raises MAX BRV by X% when HP is at least 80% of MAX HP (X changed according to Brothers' level)
  • Various text and bug fixes


  • Co-op goals have now been added into the game. (The goals will not show for co-op quests without boosted characters)
  • Players may now back up their data using services aside from Facebook
  • New player missions have been added.
    • 100000 gil will be rewarded upon clearing the following quest: 1-4 Prairie Winds Pt. 4
    • 50000 gil will be rewarded upon clearing each chapter
  • The first daily missions now reward 3000 gil instead of 1000 gil
  • Character stickers for Y'shtola have been added to the DP Exchange
  • Multiple enhancement-related changes have been implemented:
    • Up to 999 orbs can be sold or used to enhance gear in one go
    • Up to 30 items can be sold or used to enhance gear in one go (multiple copies of the same orb are considered 1 item)
    • Gear can be limit broken more than once in one go
    • the number of power stones to be gained from selling gear will now be shown on the "Sell" screen
    • Items can be sold from multiple tabs in one go
    • Artifacts are now shown in a separate tab from Weapons and Armor
  • Enhancement success rates have been removed. Experience gained by gear through enhancement will be equivalent to that of the previous "Great" success result
    • Gil costs for enhancement have been adjusted
  • Multiple passive ability-related changes have been implemented:
    • Passive abilities obtained from artifacts will be shown in a separate section from other obtainable passives
    • After an affinity ability is obtained from fully enhancing gear, a check mark will be shown beside the skill in the weapon description
    • Passive abilities other than those obtained from artifacts will be equipped first when tapping "Auto"
  • Characters can now gain multiple crystal levels in one go
  • Armor in the Armor Token Exchange will now be sorted by series (event characters' 5* armor will still be shown at the top of the Armor Token Exchange until their character event ends)
  • Only 5* gear will be autometically locked after being limit broken (The auto-lock function has been removed for 2*-4* gear)
  • Various UI updates


2018-08-01 06:00 UTC

Addressed issues

  • Alert messages being wrongly displayed


2018-07-25 08:00 UTC


  • Players may now set friends as Favorite Friends. These friends will appear at the top of the "Friends" tab in the Co-op/Friends screen and on the Request Co-op screen
  • The "Following" and "Followers" tabs in the Co-op/Friends screen will no longer show friends
  • Gear will now automatically be locked after being limit broken. This will not apply when artifacts are limit broken
  • Various UI and minor bug fixes

Addressed issues

  • On Friday, June 29, from 00:50 to 01:00 UTC, a small number of users were affected by a bug that cause Acquired Gems to not appear on the user's account. Users affected by this issue have been sent the Acquired Gems that went missing


2018-06-27 08:00 UTC


  • The amount of DISSIDIA Points rewarded for daily missions has been increased from 100 to 150.
  • HP and BRV recovery effects at the start of each turn now display the total amount of HP/BRV recovered instead of each recovery value being shown separately
  • Tutorials have been updated with more information regarding Limit Breaks
  • Various UI and minor bug fixes

Addressed issues

  • Passive effects from an active support character being removed upon resuming a battle after a forced termination of the game during the battle
  • Buffs that reduce BRV damage from physical attacks, such as "Steelguard" and "PHY damage Resist", reducing more damage than intended from the abilities "1000 Needles" and "2000 Needles" used by Cactuars
  • Vincent's command ability "Livewire Shot" incorrectly stating that the target will receive a "Thunder Resist Down" for 1 turn instead of 4 turns
  • Character names in the Character Guide have been changed to their full names if available
  • The following command abilities have been renamed;
    • Yuffie: Rebuff → I don't need this
    • Setzer: Freeze Solid → Freeze Joker
    • Sabin: Aerial Slash → Razor Gale
  • The following passive abilities have been renamed;
    • Lightning: Flash → Blinded by Light
    • Multiple characters: Stealth Attack → Back Attack
  • The following buffs have been renamed;
    • Lightning: Striker → Commando
    • Lightning: Blaster → Ravager


2018-05-30 08:00 UTC

Character adjustments

  • Yda
    • Command ability "Touch of Death" base count increased from 3 to 5
    • Passive ability "Mighty Snap Punch" increased effect of BRV damage boost
  • Vanille
    • Command ability "Deprotect (XIII)" increased effect of DEF Down debuff (DEF Down I → DEF Down II)
    • Passive ability "Might Deprotect (XIII)" increased effect of BRV damage boost
  • Terra (this adjustment was implemented in 1.2.0)
    • Command ability "Meteor+" will be affected by elemental enchantments or summon effects


  • The limit to the number of Cycle Quest Keys that are available in the DP Exchange has been removed
  • The 5* armor for Tifa and Shadow will be available in the AT Exchange starting from May 31. 02:00 UTC
  • The app icon has been updated (Cloud → Lightning)
  • Various UI and minor bug fixes

Addressed issues

  • Reward details not being displayed when players tap on the rewards in the missions tab while hosting a co-op quest
  • The exact chapter requirements to access each content in The Lost Chapters not being shown
  • Players being able to interact with buttons in the background when transiting to the item shop after tapping on [Expand] in the prompt to expand their gear inventory when it is full
  • The passive abilities obtained from artifacts for Ramza stating "The Perfect Mimic" instead of "Mightiest Squire"
  • Ramza's command ability "Support" has been renamed to "Galvanize"
  • Cloud's Weapon "Ogrenix (VII)" has been renamed to "Organyx (VII)"


2018-04-25 08:00 UTC


  • The LV50 (The Dragon of Death) and LV60 (An Unwelcome Return) Co-op quests can now be undertaken solo
  • An "Auto Battle" checkbox has been added to the Party screen. Check it before embarking on a quest to start the quest in auto battle mode (solo quests only)
  • Color labels have been added to the Crystal Strength screen to assist players in differentiating crystal types
  • A prompt has been added for users to expand their gear slots or enhance/sell gear when their inventory is full
  • The Dissidia Point limit has been increased from 1000 to 2000
  • Power Stone has been added to the DP Exchange. Power Stone stock resets every Monday at 08:00 UTC
  • New character stickers have been added to the DP Exchange (Warrior of Light, Tifa)
  • Passive effects that increase ability use count will no longer be displayed in the battle log
  • When a single-hit BRV attack or the last hit of a multi-hit BRV attack causes both a BRV Break and Knock Back, the resultant chain attack sequence will now be based on the turn order after the BRV Break
  • All instances of "Battles" that refer to a wave during a quest have been changed to "Waves"
  • Notice page UI has been updated
  • Various UI and minor bug fixes

Addressed issues

  • The app closing unexpectedly when accessing the Facebook Friends page
  • (For Android devices only) The app remaining on the loading screen indefinitely in certain situations (In this update, the occurrence rate of the above issue is reduced. In some cases, the issue might still occur.)
  • The app closing unexpectedly when a player tries to open character information window in battle after having played for an extended period of time
  • Incorrect enemy ability descriptions for Ramza and Ramza Manikin
  • Ramza's passive ability "The perfect Mimic" has been renamed to "Mightiest Squire"
  • The description for Yang's command ability "Kick" has been changed; "Self: Greatly raises BRV for 3 turns with Focus" → "Self: Greatly raises BRV damage for 3 turns with Focus"
  • Buster Sword NT Ver. (VII)'s HP attack sound effect not playing correctly under certain conditions


2018-04-13 08:00 UTC


  • The app icon has been updated (Warrior of Light → Cloud)

Addressed issues

  • Gear description may overflow on the Single Draw result screen


2018-03-28 08:00 UTC


  • Daily login bonus rewards have been changed
  • SP potions have been released

Addressed issues

  • The "Time Left" countdown for limited-time gem chests in the Gem Shop showing incorrect values under certain circumstances
  • Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ devices being unable to access the game
  • Various bug fixes


2018-02-27 08:00 UTC


  • Draw probabilities are now included in "Draw Info"
  • Enemy descriptions have been updated to include more details
  • Players can now follow those whom they have yet to after Co-op quests
  • Maximum number of players that can be follow has been increased from 200 to 300
  • New filters have been added to the gear sort function
  • Details about passive effects, buffs and debuffs are now shown in battle
  • Enframed buffs and debuffs have been introduced
  • The mechanics for the retention and overwriting of buffs and debuffs have been updated
  • Miscellaneous program updates for future content

Addressed issues

  • Distorted Facebook profile images appearing on some devices
  • Incorrect display of Last Login Time in Request Co-op page
  • Certain enemies gaining BRV even when afflicted with Setzer's Freeze
  • Melee attacks incorrectly displayed as Ranged attacks
  • Incorrect description for Vaan's passive ability, Skybound
  • Incorrect description for Zidane's passive ability, First Strike
  • Renamed Squall's command ability, Blade Flurry, to Renzokuken
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes


2018-02-09 05:00 UTC

Addressed issues

  • Android
    • Crashes at the EULA screen for some devices
    • Text not displaying for certain device resolutions
    • Distorted Facebook profile images
    • Payment errors for certain currencies
  • iOS
    • Crashes due to Facebook profile images
    • Payment errors for certain currencies