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Name Cloud Strife
Original game Final Fantasy VII
Affiliation Chaos (DDFF), Cosmos (DFF)
Weapon Sword, Greatsword, Katana, Spear
Armor Shields, Bangles, Hats, Helms, Clothing, Light Armor, Large Shields, Chestplates
Exclusive weapons Buster Sword, Force Stealer, Butterfly Edge, Fenrir


Cloud Strife (Japanese: クラウド ストライフ) is the main protagonist in Final Fantasy VII. Primarily a close range fighter, Cloud utilises a variety of pokes, projectiles and large sword swings to establish his advantage. Akin to an all-rounder with an emphasis on damage output, Cloud has something for many situations, although his mileage will vary.

Cloud is recommended to players who
- are new to the game
- wish to learn more about Duodecim's many gameplay elements with a single, easy to understand character.
- enjoy big, notable damage with a single combo


- Unreactable bravery pokes in Double Cut that recover fast on whiff, generate a good amount of EX and can be converted to HP damage with assist
- Can safely attempt to generate assist meter with Double Cut
- HP links with great wall rush potential, allowing good independent damage output which is then greatly bolstered by assist and Side by Side
- Solid, straightforward ground game with Double Cut pokes, Climhazzard punishes, Sonic Break HP link starter, four different projectiles and average running and dash speed
- Mid priority projectile in Firaga that can hinder or wall off melee fighters in their approaches
- Flexible assist and build synergy
- Can punish opponents below and above him with relative ease, latter being stronger with Rising Fang's range and wall rush potential
- All of his melee priority moves become high priority (same as HP moves) during EX mode
- EX Burst baseline strength is among the strongest in the game when at full health
- High base defense of 112 at LV100, reducing bravery damage taken more than majority of the cast


- Both HP link follow-ups, Finishing Touch and Omnislash Version 5 are long animations that are susceptible to punishment after Assist Change. Against stronger characters that can reliably build an assist meter and make it difficult for Cloud to connect hits, this can greatly neuter Cloud's damage output.
- Average fall speed, resulting in floaty aerial dodges that can make them unsafe against many characters
- No move to perform out of dodge that can consistently threaten dodge punish attempts, fastest being Double Cut that relies on clashing with an opponent's low priority bravery move.
- In addition, as most of his bravery priorities are classified as melee, bypassing LV2 Assist Change safely can be difficult
- His good (and only) bravery projectiles can only be accessed on the ground, which greatly reduce their effective application in stages and matchups that favor aerial combat.
- Barring a linear aerial Meteorain, Cloud's aerial approaches are limited to close range physical attacks, with no utility properties on moves to bypass mid / high priority projectiles and traps without notable risk.
- While capable of punishing with braveries vertically with Rising Fang and Aerial Fang, they are both somewhat slow moves with either a notable start-up, end lag or lack of consistent assist conversion opportunities.

Bravery Moves

Double Cut (JP: 連斬り)

Damage multiplier Startup frame Type Priority EX Force Effects CP (Mastered)
7,13 (20) 13 Physical Melee Low 90 Chase 30 (15)

A quick sword slash, with a second hit as a followup. This is one of Cloud's staple moves, fast start-up animation and low end lag make it ideal catching a cautious opponent as well as building assist meter on whiff.
90 ex for finishing the move is almost 1/10 of an EX bar which is quite good. On top of that, it allows assist follow ups on the first hit or even the second hit if you use Aerith, Onion Knight or Ultimecia assist. Fast and versatile.

If you have to omit either ground or aerial version, always omit the ground one. Without the aerial Double Cut, Cloud's aerial combat is severely lacking in safety and meter building.

After whiffing the first hit, you can cancel it into a block to trick the opponent into thinking you were wide open. Despite this, it is not possible to cancel it into a dash to perform Dash feints. However, this trait is not shared among all quick pokes like this one, making it a vital trick in Cloud's arsenal as the competition improves. Think of a situation where a Cloud whiffs Double Cut and then dodges, in which the opponent swiftly dashes in and punishes Cloud for dodging at all. Guards also block dashes, so opting to block instead of dodging in this situation could turn the tide in Cloud's favor. Use it carefully.

The first hit has enough hit stun to visually react with the second hit or an assist. If the opponent is grounded and you have a slow ground assist like Kuja on during this moment, you will need to finish the attack near a wall to get a proper conversion with the assist. It is also possible to hit an airborne opponent with the grounded Double Cut. Should this occur, cancelling the end lag into Cross Slash can be a true follow up due to landing lag.