The Girl from Oerba (Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia)

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Forest of the Lost

Mog: Kupo?

Y'shtola: Aye, how peculiar.

Sazh: Something the matter? I thought we were almost out of here.

Y'shtola: We would be if this were a normal forest.

Tifa: Wait, are you saying it's not?

Mog: It's almost like we're trapped inside, kupo.

Hope: We're trapped? You mean we can't leave!?

Y'shtola: Rather, we are not allowed to leave.

Sazh: I'm not followin' you.

Tifa: You mean someone intentionally trapped us in here?

Y'shtola: Or perhaps "something." Escaping may prove to be quite arduous.

???: Help!

Mog: Someone's in trouble, kupo!

Hope: That voice! Is that—!?

Sazh: Hope! *Sigh* Can't take your eyes off him for a second.

Tifa: C'mon, we have to go after him!

Cutscene Initial Clear Bonus: Gem ×100

The Girl from Oerba Pt. 1

Quest LV: 10 Battles: 3

  • Clear without any KOs: Gem ×50
  • Clear within 70 turns: Gem ×50
  • Clear without taking any Breaks: Higher Power Orb ×5
  • Score Target: 1500: Gem ×50
  • Initial Clear: Gem ×100

  1. Flan LV13, Flan LV13
  2. Silver Lobo LV7, Alpha Silver Lobo LV10, Silver Lobo LV7
  3. Malboro LV8

  • Items: 2 enhancement materials
  • Gil: 160
  • EXP: 71

Damsel in Distress

Warrior of Light: It appears that was the last of them.

???: Thank you.

I mean, you're not one of the bad guys...right?

Warrior of Light: We bear no animosity toward those who wish us no harm.

Are you hurt?

???: I'm fine. That was a close one! By the way...who are you guys?

Hope: It looks like there aren't any more monsters here. Vanille, are you okay?

Sazh: Man, kids these days think they're invincible. Glad you're okay though.

Vanille: Hope! Sazh!

Mog: You're friends? Introduce us, kupo!

Hope: She's a friend from back home.

Vanille: I'm Vanille. Nice to meet you.

So...where are we?

Mog: Come on, I'll explain on the way, kupo!

Vanille: Wait... Do you mean I can come with you?

Warrior of Light: It is far too dangerous for you to travel alone. You may accompany us until we reach a safe—

Mog: You also bear the light, kupo! You should come with us!

Vanille: The light? Hold on. Is that a moogle?

Sazh: What can I say? You've missed out on a lot. But for now, we could really use your help.

Vanille: Really? Count me in.

Mog: You can trust me, kupo!

Vanille: A friend of Sazh and Hope's is a friend of mine.

Y'shtola: What a peculiar girl.

Sazh: For real? What's so weird about trusting others?

Y'shtola: I do not think it a bad thing.

In any event, the force preventing us from leaving the forest has weakened.

Vanille: We're leaving already? But there are still areas I haven't checked out yet.

This forest is huge! Who knows what wonderful treasures await us? Besides, I feel something's calling me!

Sazh: And if we get lost? Then what? Listen, we need to regroup and— Aw, forget it. You've already made up your mind.

Vanille: I knew you'd understand, Sazh. All right then, let the treasure hunt begin!

Cutscene Initial Clear Bonus: Gem ×100

New Ally: Vanille | Description: Uses Deprotect (XIII) to deal damage and lower enemy defenses.

The Girl from Oerba Pt. 2

Quest LV: 20 Battles: 3

  • Clear without any KOs: Gem ×50
  • Clear within 85 turns: Gem ×50
  • Clear without taking any Breaks: Higher Power Orb ×5
  • Score Target: 1500: Gem ×50
  • Initial Clear: Gem ×100

  1. Flan LV20, Flan LV20
  2. Flan LV17, Skeleton LV17, Flan LV17
  3. Berserker Armor LV20

  • Items: 2 & 3 enhancement materials
  • Gil: 247
  • EXP: 156

The Girl from Oerba Pt. 3

Quest LV: 30 Battles: 4

  1. Thunder Flan LV30, Goblin Mage LV28, Thunder Flan LV30
  2. Flan LV27, Silver Lobo LV27, Flan LV27
  3. Ghost LV30, Ghost LV30
  4. Berserker Armor LV30

  • Items: 2 and 3 enhancemenb materials
  • Gil:
  • EXP:

The Blessings of the Forest

Rem: This pendant's drawing in mana. Maybe this was what trapped us in the forest?

Vivi: It's kind of creepy. I don't like it.

Rem: Yeah, we should probably Leave it alone.

Vanille: What are you two whispering about? Hey, check it out!

So? How does it look?

Vivi: What are you doing!?

Vanille: What do you mean?

Rem: Huh? What happened to the dark aura?

Vivi: It's gone... But why?

Vanille: "Dark aura"? What are you talking about? It's just a cute pendant. See?

Mog: They say some times in this world choose their owner. It looks like that one has taken a liking to you, kupo.

Sazh: Or maybe you scared off the "dark aura" with your rainbows-and-sunshine attitude.

Vanille: Sazh, maybe it's your turn to wear this pendant. Let's see how the dark aura likes you!

Sazh: Okay, okay! You win. You know magic and I don't get along.

Y'shtola: Not a terribly adventurous spirit, I see.

Sazh: You can't afford to take any chances at my age.

Vanille: You take chances all the time though. Especially when it involves your family.

Sazh: Guess we're not that different then, huh?

Vanille: Yeah... I wonder how everyone's doing back home.

Rem: Well, you were reunited with Sazh and Hope in this world.

Who knows? Maybe it won't long before you see your family again, too.

Y'shtola: Aye, now is not the time for sorrow.

Vanille: Was it that obvious? You're right. I shouldn't worry.

Vivi: Besides, you have us now. We're here for you.

Vanille: Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to getting to know you all.

Cutscene Initial Clear Bonus: Gem ×100

The Girl from Oerba Pt. 4

Quest LV: 40 Battles: 4

  • Clear without any KOs: Gem ×50
  • Clear within 80 turns: Gem ×50
  • Clear without taking any Breaks: Higher Guard Orb ×5
  • Score Target: 6500: Gem ×50
  • Initial Clear: Gem ×100

  1. Thunder Flan LV40, Goblin Mage LV38, Thunder Flan LV40
  2. Flan LV37, Silver Lobo LV37, Flan LV37
  3. Ghost LV40, Ghost LV40
  4. Berserker Armor LV40

  • Items: 2 & 3 enhancement materials
  • Gil: 511
  • EXP: 461

The Girl from Oerba Pt. 5

Quest LV: 50 Battles: 5

  1. Thunder Flan LV50, Goblin Mage LV48, Thunder Flan LV50
  2. Flan LV47, Silver Lobo LV47, Flan LV47
  3. Malboro LV45
  4. Ghost LV47, Ghost LV47, Ghost LV47
  5. Berserker Armor LV50

  • Items: 2 enhancement materials
  • Gil: 708
  • EXP: 713