PPSSPP Online Setup (PC)

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How to set up DDFF online play with a PPSSPP emulator on Windows PCs.

1) First, download the Tournament pack. This comes with a "100 % save file" that has everything needed for online battles. Be sure to adjust the game settings and controls to your liking. The following information from Zero Tier One onwards is re-iterated in the "TUTORIAL_USEFUL_INFO" text file that is bundled with this pack.

Preparations to ensure compatibility

- You must use the same emulator version. If you only intend to play privately, the latest PPSSPP emulator build works too, just make sure all participating players have that version. NOTE: If you use the latest PPSSPP release, they will come with a 32-bit and a 64-bit version. Please ensure that all participants are using either 32-bit or 64-bit. In the past this used to cause desynchronisations.
- Game version from the same region. A European version (ULES01505) cannot connect with an American version (ULUS10566) and so on. The Discord community uses the American version (ULUS10566).
If you are unsure about the game version, run it on the emulator and look at the top of the emulator window, it will display the identifed game's name and it's region ID.
- Disable fire walls on your computer.
- The emulator's "confirm" button set to X in the emulator's settings. Differing confirm buttons will cause a match to end via a desynchronisation in online play when performing EX Bursts with Gilgamesh, Gabranth, Tifa and other characters whose EX Bursts are sensitive to this setting.
- If you have other VPN programs like Hamachi or Radmin, they may interfere with each other when used in conjunction with Zero Tier One.
- Some people may fail to connect to one another if they have an empty name on their friend card in the game. Please make sure to put a name on it.

Installing Zero Tier One

2) Install Zero Tier One (abbreviated as ZTO). Follow the prompts on the screen to install the program successfully.
This is the program that will allow you to connect to other people when interacting with the IP address the program provides.

- Run the program, copy and paste 8056c2e21c000001 and click "Join". You should be part of the "earth.zerotier.net" server now.
- You can check your Zero Tier IP at the bottom right corner of the program, under the "Managed IPs" row. There may be a "/[number]" (e.g /7) at the end of the IP, this must not be included when adding it to PPSSP's networking settings.
- ZTO will run in the background, you do not have to worry about it any further once it's on.

PPSSPP networking settings (shared)

3) Under the "Networking" tab in the emulator's settings, do the following:
- Enable networking/WLAN
- Click on the "Change MAC address" a couple times to avoid a duplicate address from the tournament pack
- Port offset should be set to 5000. Never change this.

PPSSPP networking settings (host)

Under the "Networking" tab in the emulator's settings, do the following:
- Enable built-in PRO ad hoc server or start up the adhocserver.exe program that comes with the tournament pack.
- Insert your Zero Tier One IP into the "Change PRO ad hoc server IP address" without the "/[number]" at the end.
- Enter an online lobby or group battle menu to initiate online on your emulator. Let the other participant(s) know when you are in a lobby or have a group battle room ready.

PPSSPP networking settings (join)

- Insert the host's Zero Tier One IP into the "Change PRO ad hoc server IP address".
- Wait for the host to enter the online lobby selection, an online lobby itself (e.g. Cornelia) or create a group battle room before attempting to join.
- If playing in group battle, every other participant must use the same IP address the host provides.

Video tutorial (with Hamachi). Same principles, but the VPN program is different.

How to use your own save file

Find your own save file in the emulator's directory (if it is already there), ppsspp/memstick/PSP/SAVEDATA. American version save file is named "ULUS10566GameDataxx" (xx being numbers), European version save is named "ULES01505GameDataxx" etc. Copy that, paste it into the tournament pack's save file directory: ppsspp/memstick/PSP/SAVEDATA.