Lightning (Dissidia Final Fantasy NT)

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"Use the powers of sword and spell to unleash attacks from any distance that are both potent and elegant."

Lightning can overcome almost any plight at any time by switching between her Commando and Ravager paradigms.

Should she require some healing in addition to damage dealing, she can always use Army of One.

Lightning [(Japanese full name)] is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy XIII and a warrior of Materia in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

Type / Class : Speed / Assassin



  • Guardian Crops Uniform I
  • Guardian Crops Uniform II
  • Guardian Crops Uniform III
  • Knight of the Goddess I
  • Knight of the Goddess II
  • Knight of the Goddess III


  • Blazefire Saber
  • Omega Weapon
  • Overture
  • Femme Fatale
  • Crimson Blitz





Unleash a series of attacks to send your foe up and away.

Cast multiple fireballs that quickly accelerate. (Opponent cannot recover during combo)

Close in with a spin attack, then send your opponent flying with a final strike.

Cast an aqueous orb that slowly pursues your enemy.


Unleash a series of attacks that sends your enemy hurtling toward the ground.

Cast an orb of wind magic that pursues your foe.

Close in with a flurry of powerful swings of your sword, then send your opponent flying.

Spawn a shard of ice near your opponent that draws them into it.


Thrust your sword into your enemy. Creates an opportunity to cancel into another bravery attack.

Unleash a line of lightning bolts that strike sequentially in your foe's direction.



Unlock Conditions

Reach character level one.
Run right through your foe using Zantetsuken.


Unlock Conditions

Reach character level two.
Heave your blade to form a gust of wind that slowly pursues your opponent.


Unlock Conditions

Reach character level five.
Cast a wall of bolts down directly in front of you that knocks your opponent back.


Unlock Conditions

Reach character level ten.
Call down lightning bolts to torment foes afar. (Can move while prepping)


Perform an elegant series of sword attacks that allows your to recover HP on hit.


Switch to the ravager paradigm.

Switch to the commando paradigm.


Name Execution Damage Startup Properties
Army of One × × ×

Name Execution Damage Startup Properties
Paradigm Shift (COM) L3 × × ×
Paradigm Shift (RAV) L3 × × ×