Jecht (Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy)

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Name Jecht
Original game Final Fantasy X
Weapon Greatsword, Axe, Thrown, Grappling
Armor Bangles, Chestplate, Clothing, Hat, Headband, Helm, Light Armor, Shield
Run Speed tier 5
Dash Speed 77F
Fall Speed 81F
Fall Speed Ratio After Dodge 39
Exclusive weapons Kaiser Knuckles, Sin's Talon, Sin's Fang


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Potent close range: Few moves with great synergy allow Jecht to initiate offense, get around projectiles, blocks, whiffs, dodges and scrambles.
  • Charged attacks: Can turn an unreactable bravery to an HP priority attack and release at will. The increased range makes his presence near a wall more dangerous.
  • Good wall carry: Reaching an advantageous stage positioning on hit is a smooth process.
  • Jecht Block: A special priority command block that functions as an attack that staggers low and mid priority moves, deflects projectiles and clashes with high priority melee HP attacks. Can reward full combos when used successfully. Functions as a safety measure after dodging and as a deterrent for his opponent making the first move.
  • HP linker, high damage: Solo combos combined with good wall rush potential enable strong HP damage without requiring full resources beforehand. Efficient user of high base bravery Side by Side builds.
  • Assist meter usage: Can utilise LV2 Assist Change stagger to a devastating effect with a full combo and Side by Side accessory.
  • Wide assist synergy: Due to his fast attack start-ups, wall rush capabilities and holding potential, Jecht can work with a variety of assists. Meta assists such as Kuja, Aerith and Tidus, or more niche assists such as Squall, Ultimecia and Onion Knight can all perform well.
  • Serviceable mobility: Average dash speed and above average running speed help Jecht reach his opponent and create situations in a timely fashion.
  • CP allocation: Can afford all of his essential attacks and then adjust other abilities to suit his needs with relative ease.
  • Input Precision: Due to requiring 3-frame inputs to complete his combos, developing consistency with him can take more time than anticipated. Jecht loses HP finishers and a lot of damage by missing any of these timings and as a result is also heavily affected by unstable connections between players and bravery break freeze frames.
  • Building meter economy: Struggles to generate assist meter by conventionally whiffing attacks in the air. Relies on dash-related techniques and grounded Jecht Rush to do it safely. Attacks themselves do not generate much assist meter on hit outside of a dodge cancel combo or Side by Side influx from HP attacks. EX generation is similiarly crippled, with only Jecht Beam and EX cores serving as notable sources of EX for Jecht.
  • EX meter usage: While the EX meter can work to Jecht's advantage, it is not his strong aspect. EX Mode's full combo on whiff primarily acts as a surprise gap closer and the universal HP regen can be prolonged by charging up a bravery for a whiff. EX Burst damage is average while requiring two sensitive timings back to back or 20 CP. Similiarly EX Revenge damage is somewhat mediocre, only allowing one additional bravery combo, with still a huge responsibility on the player for proper input timing.
  • Resource and stage dependent for optimising damage: HP links are good for Jecht, but his damage is optimised with wall rushes and assists. This can negatively affect the potency of his close range gameplay when faced with large stages and meter disadvantage.
  • Linearity: Only one offensive grounded and aerial bravery attack with a variable release timing can make situations easier to parse for the opponent. Whiffing in the air puts Jecht at a noticeable risk due to Jecht Stream's lengthy animation. Combos are primarily melee priority and follow pre-determined paths, leaving little room for Jecht to bypass opponents' countermeasures that use meter. In terms of assist, interrupting an attack by calling assist right before making contact, LV2 Assist Changing for a stagger or LV1 Assist Changing for a potential whiff punish during an HP are especially dangerous situations. Avoiding EX Revenge finishes is similiarly troubled, with Jecht Block and Jecht Beam being prioritised.

Despite his weaknesses, Jecht is capable of fighting almost every character at a competent level due to how close range combat operates in the game.
As such, he can be considered a high tier character in multiplayer. Playing him at that level will require a fair amount of effort, however.