Heretic Quests: Catalyst and Rising (Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia)

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Complete quest missions and target scores simultaneously to take on the final quest!

  • A quest cleared to "Perfect" can be undertaken again to reset its clear status
  • Event Missions are for a limited time

Event Details

Introducing a challenging new type of single-player quests: Heretic Quests!

There are two difficulties of Heretic Quests, as well as limited-time event missions that can reward you with Armor Tokens, gems, and more!

About Heretic Quests

You can access the limited-time "Heretic Quests: Catalyst" and "Heretic Quests: Rising" by tapping on "Events" on the world map.

Within each of these are three quests unlocked at the start:

  • Power's Chasm
  • Magic's Chasm
  • Ice & Thunder's Chasm

The final quest, "Power & Magic's Chasm," can be unlocked by achieving a "Perfect" status on each of the above three quests.

About the Perfect status

Upon clearing all of a quest's missions and score target in the same attempt, you will achieve a Perfect status for that quest and restrict the characters used in that quest from being usable in other Heretic Quest battles. (You can check if you achieved a quest's Perfect status from the event's quest list.)

About Character Restrictions

The characters used to achieve Perfect status for a quest cannot be used again for other quests in that set unless they're the event's featured characters, with the exception of "Power and Magic's Chasm," where any character can be used.

For this event, the following characters are exempt from above-mentioned character restrictions:

Power & Magic's Chasm

This final quest can be unlocked by earning a Perfect on each of the preceding three quests.

  • Character restrictions do not apply to this quest, meaning all characters can be used
  • The final quest will remain unlocked even if you restart a quest's Perfect status

Event Missions

Heretic Quests: Catalyst

Heretic Quests: Rising

  • Score 22000 in "Power and Magic's Chasm": Gil ×10000
  • Score 24000 in "Power and Magic's Chasm": Dissidia Point ×500
  • Score 26000 in "Power and Magic's Chasm": Draw Ticket ×3
  • Score 28000 in "Power and Magic's Chasm": Armor Token ×3
  • Score 32000 in "Power and Magic's Chasm": Gem ×500