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Darkness converges upon us, and the world crumbles before our very eyes...

What was once a sanctuary for the weary has now become a battlefield.

Long ago, two deities—

Genesis of Destruction Spiritus And Imperious Tutelar Materia— took up the mantle of the old gods.

They warped the fabric of time and space to create a new world— a world they populated with warriors from other realms.

In the name of the gods these men and women were forced to fight day and night without reprieve.

The strain of such hard-fought battle, however, soon grew to be too great.

Their battered bodies failing them, their shattered spirits sent out a cry for help.

Their peals were answered. The crystal, heeding their call, demanded the gods give them respite.

And thus this world, where these warriors could finally rest, was brought into existence.


Not long after its creation, the Torsions began to appear.

It was from their gaping maws that an army of terrible fiend surged forth, plunging our lands into chaos.

If nothing is done, soon the neighboring realms, too, will begin to feel the effects of the impending darkness.

Summoned by this great threat, Mog, the guardian spirit has awoken.

He has taken a vow to help gather heroes capable of delivering us from destruction.

There is, however, little time. Torsions are appearing at a faster rate and threaten to unravel the very fabric of the universe itself.

If left unchecked, soon there may be nothing left to save. ...So we turn to you.

Your will to protect the world will give our heroes strength when they need it most.

Your words will give their swords direction.

And your heart will give us the guidance we need to uncover the truth.

Now go forth, friend, and trust in yourself as the light trusts in you.

The Warrior of Light

Garland: Pathetic.

Warrior of Light: Nnh...!

Garland: With you out of the way, the light shall soon succumb to the darkness! Then there will be no stopping me!

Now begone from this world!

[Garland slashes Warrior of Light]

[Screen transition]

Rem: Are you alright?

Warrior of Light: I?

[Monsters roar in the background]

Vivi: M-monsters! Over there!

A New Beginning

Mog: To think that you were able to take on such fearsome beasts and live to tell the tale... You're incredible, kupo!

Rem: Sir, are you alright, Earlier you seemed—

Warrior of Light: I'm fine. Thank you... Rem, was it?

Rem: Yes. And this is—

Vivi: Vivi. I am Vivi.

Mog found and rescued me when I was first transported to this world.

Warrior of Light: So you, too, are warrios possessed of the list, brought here for some explicit purpose?

Mog: That's correct, kupo!

Lately, Torsions have been threatening the safety of out world. You're our last hope of dining and closing them, kupo!

Vivi: The monsters appeared from one of these Torsions, didn't they?

Rem: And we're the only ones who can seal them?

I feel that's far beyond our capabilities.

Mog: You can do it, kupo! Have a little faith.

There's a small Torsion nearby. Let's make our way there and seal it off, kupo.

Vivi: Okay!

Mog: I'll assist you in any way I can, kupo.

Warrior of Light: Very good. We shall be counting on your support, then.

The World as We Knew It

Mog: Look! We closed it, kupo!

Vivi: Now we don't need to worry about those monsters anymore.

Rem: No, Vivi. You forget that there's more than one Torsion.

Mog: Indeed, kupo! They've been cropping up all across the land.

Warrior of Light: And it is our duty to ensure that each and every one of them is closed.

Mog: You won't be alone! We'll find more people along the way who can help us, kupo!

[Laughter in background]

???: Hey!

Warrior of Light: Is that man a friend of yours?

Vivi: Mister! We're over here!

???: Sorry 'bout that! Was busy inspecting the area.

Mog: Did you find anything, kupo?

Sazh: Yeah. There's a big Torsion up ahead. Bet that's where all the monsters are coming from.

Mog: Kupopo! We only just closed one and you're telling me there's another, bigger one nearby!?

Good grief, kupo... Well, I suppose it's nothing we can't handle together!

Rem: Once we eradicate all the Torsions, will we be able to return to our respective worlds?

Vivi: Yes, I'm certain of it! That's why we have to do our best to help them!

Mog: That's the spirit, kupo! Now that Sazh is back, we can go and close the next Torsion!

Warrior of Light: ...

When this is all over...

I wonder if there will even be a world left for me to return to...

[Warrior of Light walks away, leaving the scene alone]

???: Filthy rats.

Little do they know, should all go according to plan, soon they'll be dancing to the beat of my drum.

Oh, what a spectacular show it will be!

Light and Darkness (Chapter 8)

Mog: I'm back, kupo.

Spiritus: You have quite the band of warriors now.

Or should I call them pawns?

Mog: They are no such thing, kupo!

Vincent was one of Cloud's allies back in their world, so it's only natural he allied with goddess Materia.

Spiritus: Hmph. Then I will just send in another pawn to take care of things.

That's exactly why I sent the Could of Darkness.

Mog: That was your doing?

She was really powerful, kupo.

Spiritus: Stability in this world naccot exist without a balance between light and darkness.

Materia's naïve puppets will not be able to save the planet.

Mog: So they're not bothering you, kupo?

Spiritus: To the contrary—they are doing exactly what I want them to.

Besides, closing the Torsions is merely a temporary solution.

Nothing will change if they do not find out what is causing them.

Mog: What if the cause of their existence could be found inside of the warriors themselves, kupo?

Spiritus: Ridiculous. Although, that would be rather ironic, wouldn't it?

The crystal created this place that the warriors might find respite from battle.

Yet even now they continue to fight. Pathetic.

But nevermind that for now. In the near future, you will encounter someone who despises the gods...

An antagonistic warrior summoned by Materia who chooses no side.

She may even prove to be hostile toward a moogle like you.

In fact, she's fighting with one of my own as we speak.

Will she be a threat to this world? Or the key to uncovering its truths?

Mog: You can count on me to lead her in the right direction, kupo!

Spiritus: Then prove it.

Mog: K-kupo! Yes, sir!

Utopia Niveus (Chapter 9): Warriors of the Gods

Materia: The squadron that attacked them must have been sent by Spiritus.

But why would Spiritus, a god himself, try to spread chaos throughout this world?

That is not what bothers me most though.

Some of my warriors are growing suspicious of Mog.

But as a goddess, I cannot strip them of their spirit of inquiry—for that is what makes them human.

The warrior in charge of Spiritus's squadron seems to have a good heart.

Perhaps their encounter can lead this world to salvation.


Spiritus: The time is near.

The rebel army has started to take action as well.

Come forth, those who are not bound by the trivial laws held by Materia or that moogle.

Bring to this world the chaos you so desire.

All that is left is to wait for it to be freed from its shackles.

Then, I shall rebuild this shattered world and establish equilibrium.


Lightning: ...! Was it all for nothing?

Sazh: I wouldn't lose hope just yet, Lightning!

Mog: Hurray! It's our ship, kupo!

Papalymo: Let's bid this tower farewell, shall we?

Onion Knight: Lightning, was it? Hope's friend?

Lightning: Yeah.

Onion Knight: You're coming with us. Not like the others in the ship would have it any other way.

That's okay with you, right?

Mog: You know it! Lightning also possesses the—


Cecil: We must hurry to our ship! That's our only chance to escape!

Mog: You don't have to tell me twice! Kupooo!

Place of Respite (Ch. 10)

Materia: Warriors... Why do you stand before me?

Edgar: You needn't look so serious. Who wouldn't want to catch a glimpse of a ravishing goddess?

Materia: ...Ravishing?

Ramza: Edgar, I do not believe we came here to make japes.

Edgar: ...At ease. This is called proper etiquette.

Lightning: We've come to ask you some questions.

What is this world? Why did you summon us?

Materia: This is a land of fantasy... A manufactured world.

It was meant to be a place of respite for warriors amidst their endless struggles. However...

Edgar: ...The Torsions appeared and it became a place of something other than respite.

Mog: That's why I'm helping the goddess by guiding you, kupo.

Materia: I'm accountable here. I bear the responsibilities of a god...

To protect this world, I need your strength.

Edgar: And Mog's, it seems.

Materia: Moogles are able to locate the Torsions. For that reason, I dispatched Mog.

Lightning: How about we change the question. ...What is it that other god, Spiritus, is up to?

Far from asking for aid, I get the impression everyone he summons is hellbent on destroying the world.

Materia: Spiritus's only recourse is power... He believes he can solve any problem with force.

The result of that line of thought are those warriors who so run counter to your beliefs.

Ramza: Did you not create this world together? Is cooperation out of the question?

Materia: Spiritus's methods will not save this world... I must world.

Lightning: Possessive much?

Ramza: During our battles, we have noticed a feeling that our strength is being drained from us.

Know you the cause of this?

Materia: Alas, no... It may be the Torsions, or it may be something else. I cannot say.

Edgar: Perhaps by the next time we meet, you might look into that for us. Then we'd be more eager to fight for you.

Lightning: Yeah. Someone who doesn't work herself doesn't really motivate me.

Materia: ...Very well. Now go.

I also...will do what a good must.

World's Foundation (Interlude)

Onion Knight: Well...Mog is back to himself and we beat the blackened will.Are we not done here?

Y'shtola: Save for that, this was supposed to be a place of respite for us.

Warrior of Light: ...My memories have not returned. I believe the effects of the Torsions have yet to be resolved.

Materia: ...You are correct.

Though the beat the will feeding on the moogle, the distorsions in this world remain.

Vaan: Didn't you make this world? Can't you fix it?

Materia: I am trying. However...something is amiss.

Something may have happened to the foundation of this world, the crystal core.

Mog: Someone still has it out for this world, kupo.

Onion Knight: Can I believe that?

Mog: My spirit powers still let me sense wills and summon friends, kupo.

...Whether you believe me or not is up to you and the gods, kupo.

Materia: Warriors... To repair this world, won't you lend me your strength?

I would have you make for the crystal core and ascertain if anything is there.

Y'shtola: Why us?

Materia: I cannot leave my position for long. It is difficult to maintain this world.

Vaan: So to make an airship analogy...if this is the bridge we're in, then the crystal core is the engine?

Onion Knight: So it seems. Shall we give it a look?

Y'shtola: At any rate, we are yet unable to return home as things stand.

Warrior of Light: Yes... I cannot remember my home, and I do not think I am alone in this predicament.

Vaan: Alright then, to the airship! Mog, can you get it ready for us?

Mog: Does that mean you believe me, kupo!?

Vaan: What choice do we have? We came here with you, and we're leaving with you.

Y'shtola: No hard feelings in that corner.

Onion Knight: ...I don't think he ever gave it much thought to begin with.

Warrior of Light: It is better than worrying here about it. We still know nothing about what we face.

Onion Knight: If that's what our leader says, I'm not about to argue.

Warrior of Light: Leader...?

Y'shtola: Memories or no, everyone relies on you.

No matter the circumstances, you are always the first to fly our banner of light.

Warrior of Light: Without a past...can I be a shining light for anyone?

Materia: Go, warrior. The crystal awaits you.


Spiritus: The moogle is no longer necessary. Forge your own paths.

The Emperor: Hmph. As though I need you to tell me that.

Sephiroth: ...The center of everything. If I am there...

Golbez: Spiritus. I cannot guarantee I will act as you expect me to...

...There is something important to me. Does that present a problem for you?

Spiritus: None. My warriors are those who can achieve what they will.

Vayne: ...I will not be a puppet of the gods. Yet...I lack knowledge.

Spiritus: What Materia's warriors released is in the vicinity of the crystal core.

If you wish to see it with your own eyes, that is where you shall go.

Vayne: ...Hmph.