Damage Formula

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Character base damage X Skill damage multiplier X ( [1 OR Critical bonus] + Damage bonus from equips)
= actual damage number on screen
After the calculation, round down to nearest integer, i.e decimals are dropped. This is the value that appears on screen.

Calculating character base damage

When your ATK is lower than enemy's DEF:
Character base damage = (10 ÷ ((enemy DEF- your ATK)+10)) x enemy's raw BRV ÷100

When your ATK is higher than enemy's DEF:
Character base damage = (((your ATK - enemy DEF)+10) ÷ 10) x enemy's raw BRV ÷ 100

The result of this calculation is then added to character base damage in the formula above.

Enemy's raw Bravery

Raw BRV = BRV without any equipment/accessory, i.e. always 667 for Lv100

Skill damage multiplier

Skill damage multiplier relates to the power of the bravery and HP attacks. These are detailed in each character's page under the "Damage multiplier" table. For example, Cloud's Aerial Fang's damage multiplier is 25.

Critical Bonus

Critical bonus = (enemy's current BRV ÷ your MAX HP) x 7 [min cap 2, max cap 8]
Example, If your MAX HP = 6999, your crits do 2x normal damage when enemy has under 2000 BRV, starts to do more when they get higher BRV, and finally caps at 8x damage when enemy is at 7999+ BRV.

Example calculation

  • 1) Figuring out the character base damage

Let's use Cloud's Aerial Fang as an example. The enemy character here will be a LV100 Warrior of Light who has a total Defense value of 187. Cloud has a total Attack value of 177. Cloud's Attack is less than Warrior of Light's Defense.

187 defense - 177 attack = 10.
10+10 = 20
Now, divide 10 with 20. You will get 0.5.

Enemy's raw brv is 667 as Warrior of Light is at LV100. No magic tricks there.
0.5 x 667 x 100 = 3.335. This is the final value that indicates the character base damage.

  • 2) Skill damage multiplier.

In this instance it's 25. Aerial Fang only has one hit with a damage multiplier of 25. With attacks that hit multiple times such as Slashing Blow, you will have to account for the hits that will connect and add up the value from that. e.g only add first two hits' damage multiplier if you do not finish Slashing Blow with a third hit.

  • 3) 1 or Critical bonus

Without critical hits, the value is 1.

So final calculation: 3.335 x 25 x 1 + percentage increase from accessories, let's say Hyper Ring (+5 % dmg boost) and Muscle Belt (+7 % physical dmg boost) with no boosters for a total of 12 % (how much is 12 % increase for 83,3) = 93.30. Round the number down to the nearest integer and there it is, Cloud's Aerial Fang does 93 damage in this specific match-up.

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