Bartz (Dissidia Final Fantasy NT)

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"Throw yourself into the fight to become even more powerful, then use that strength to aid your allies."

By using his arsenal of skills to its fullest, Bartz can master each of his jobs, thus raising his own stats and the power of his EX skill Good-Luck Charm.

Bartz Klauser (バッツ・クラウザー) is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy V and a warrior of Materia in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

Type / Class : Unique / Specialist



  • Wind Chaser I
  • Wind Chaser II
  • Wind Chaser III
  • Freelancer I
  • Freelancer II
  • Freelancer III


  • Arsenal I
  • Arsenal II
  • Arsenal III
  • Arsenal IV





[Default] Deliver three straight punches to your enemy. [Mastered] Dive in quickly with a strong kick and then finish with a roundhouse kick. When mastered, this ability grants increased HP.

[Default] Jump into the air and assail your opponent from above. [Mastered] Assail enemies from even further away. On hit, your skill gauge will fill faster. When mastered, this ability grants more jumps.

[Default] Cast Fire on your foe's position. (Can move while casting. [Mastered] Cast Firaga, Blizzaga, and Thundaga in succession on your enemy's position. (Can move while casting. Opponent cannot recover during combo) When mastered, this ability grants increased defense.


[Default] Strike thrice with your sword, which is imbued with a different spell each time: once with Fire, once with Blizzard, and once with Thunder. [Mastered] Your sword is imbued with Firaga, Blizzaga, and Thundaga instead. When mastered, this ability grants a higher default bravery.

[Default] Close in on your foe and use Goblin Punch. [Mastered] Deliver three attacks-Goblin Punch, Death Claws, and Missile-in quick succession. When mastered, this ability grants increased poise.

[Default] Loose an arrow from a distance. [Mastered] If charged, also loose multiple arrows with Rapid Fire. (Can move while firing. Hold to charge) When mastered, this ability grants increased attack power.


[Default] Spin and slash into your enemy, then send them flying with another twirling blow. [Mastered] Gain invincibility as you rush in and send your foe flying. When mastered, this ability slows dash gauge depletion.

HP Attacks


Unlock Conditions

Reach character level two.

[Default (Grounded] Have a seismic event erupt at your opponent's feet (Earthquake).

[Default (Airborne)] Cast an orb of wind magic that pursues your foe (Wind Slash).

[Mastered (Grounded)] Cause multiple slabs of rock to surface instead of just one.

[Mastered (Airborne)] The orb you cast is larger and pursues your opponent faster. When mastered, this ability grants increased magic potency.


Unlock Conditions

Reach character level five.

[Default] Protect against bravery attacks by placing a shield in front of you. In the event you do guard against one, you launch a counterattack.

[Mastered] Protect yourself against HP attacks as well.


Unlock Conditions

Reach character level ten.

[Default] Dance toward your target and hit them with either Tempting Tango or Sword Dance. You have a 50% chance of using either move. Tempting Tango: Knock your foe back with a strike of your sword. Sword Dance: Become invincible and set upon your opponent.

[Mastered] You approach more quickly and always use Sword Dance on your opponent. When mastered, this skill grants increased attack potency.



{{#tag:tabber| Description= Land attacks with a skill (job) to hone and eventually master it. Mastered abilities have higher potency and will also provide Bartz with a permanent buff.

Since mastery applies permanent buffs, it is useful to prioritize which skill should be mastered first, according to the playstyle used. Generally, the Ranger buff, which gives increased attack power is considered the most useful to be acquired due to its universal importance in any playstyle.