A Lion's Heart (Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia)

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A Lone Mercenary

Mog: I can feel it. There's warrior nearby, kupo.

???: (A moogle?)

Hope: Is that him?

???: (A kid...and a girl with cat ears?)

Y'shtola: Don't be alarmed. We are not your foe.

???: So you're the ones I keep hearing about.

Vivi: You've heard about us, Mister?

???: ("Mister"? Give me a break.)

I'm Squall. My client told me about you.

Mentioned you're on a journey to seal the Torsions.

Warrior of Light: What is your purpose here?

Squall: I'm a mercenary.

I've been tasked to investigate this cavern and eliminate any threat.

Hope: All by yourself? I get that you're a soldier, but...

Squall: I can take care of myself.

Vivi: I guess he's not interested in joining us.

Y'shtola: He is merely choosing not to get close to others.

In any event, he bears the light, does he not?

Warrior of Light: More importantly, who is this client he spoke of?

Mog: We'll just have to ask him ourselves, kupo!

Cutscene Initial Clear: Gems: 100

A Lion's Heart Pt. 1

Quest LV: 10 Battles: 3

  • Clear without any KOs: Reward: Gems: 20
  • Clear within 75 turns: Reward: Gems: 20
  • Clear without taking any Breaks: Reward: High Power Orb ×5
  • Score Target: 2000: Reward: Gems: 50
  • Initial Clear: Gems: 100

  1. Goblin LV10, Skeleton LV13, Goblin LV10
  2. Skeleton LV10, Wolf LV10
  3. Behemoth LV10

  • Items:
  • Gil: 179
  • EXP: 83

The Burden We Bear

Mog: Found you, kupo!

Squall: (They're still here?)

Vivi: Squall, are you fighting all by yourself? Isn't that a little dangerous?

Squall: You're the ones who need to be careful.

This isn't a place for amateurs.

You should get out before you get hurt.

Sazh: Would it kill you to lighten up a bit?

Rem: Squall, I'm a soldier just like you.

Everyone here has their own reason for fighting. We know what we're doing.

Squall: ...Whatever.

Cloud: Show off as much as you want, but we have some questions that need answers first.

Squall: (Who's showing off?)

Cloud: Who's your client? And how do they know about us?

Squall: That's confidential.

Sazh: I don't get you at all. What's with the attitude?

Squall: You're the ones not making any sense.

You're risking your lives solely based on what that moogle told you.

While in reality, you have to idea what's actually happening in this world right now.

Mog: I'm a messenger of the goddess Materia. It's my duty to protect the planet, kupo!

Cloud: We all have something we want to protect. Isn't that reason enough?

Squall: Something you want to protect...

Cloud: Anyway, sorry for stopping you. Later.

Squall: Stop. You're no match for what's lurking around here.

Vivi: But it's way too dangerous for you to go alone too.

Squall: If you're scared, you can stay close to me. Just don't get in my way.

Rem: So you'll join us then?

Squall: I didn't say that. But I'll help you out while you're here.

Come on, let's go. Things should be easier now that I'm with you.

Cutscene Initial Clear: Gems: 100

New Ally: Squall Description: Uses Solid Barrel, which unleashes more hits when BRV is low

A Lion's Heart Pt. 2

Quest LV: 15 Battles: 3

  • Clear without any KOs: Gem ×50
  • Clear within 70 turns: Gem ×50
  • Clear without taking any Breaks: Power Orb ×5
  • Score Target: 2500: Gem ×50
  • Initial Clear: Gem ×100

  1. Goblin LV15, Skeleton LV12, Goblin LV15
  2. Wolf LV14, Wolf LV14
  3. Gaia Behemoth LV15

  • Items: ★★ gear enhancement materials
  • Gil: 205
  • EXP: 111

A Lion's Heart Pt. 3

Quest LV: 25 Battles: 4

  • Clear without any KOs: Gem ×50
  • Clear within 70 turns: Gem ×50
  • Clear without taking any Breaks: Guard Orb ×5
  • Score Target: 5500: Gem ×50
  • Initial Clear: Lion's Belt (VIII)

  1. Goblin LV25, Skeleton LV22, Goblin LV25
  2. Wolf LV22, Alpha Wolf LV22, Wolf LV22
  3. Skeleton LV25, Skeleton LV25
  4. Gaia Behemoth LV25

  • Items: ★★ gear enhancement materials
  • Gil: 384
  • EXP: 270

Duty Calls

Rem: Hey, Squall? You're here on a mission, right?

You don't need to report back to your your client or anything?

Squall: My client is only interested in the Torsions.

How I handle the mission is up to me. That's why I chose to accompany you.

Y'shtola: And yet you continue to conceal your client's identity.

Squall: Like I said—

Y'shtola: "That's confidential."

Squall: (Don't finish my sentences. You'll remind me of her.)

Y'shtola: You fear growing close to others.

But I sense the good in you—a desire to protect and a great inner zeal.

Hope: Is everything okay? Everyone's already heading to the next area.

Rem: Sorry, we'll be right there.

Y'shtola: I expect great things from you, Squall.

Squall: Yeah.

Hope: Um, do you have a second?

I was thinking about what you said earlier.

Mog told us that sealing the Torsions would protect this world.

And as a result, save our worlds as well.

Squall: That's the idea.

But there's no way to find out for sure until we return home.

Hope: I want to know the truth. I what to know what's really happening.

Squall: Sorry, but I don't have all the answers either.

Hope: They why are you fighting? I'm sure you're not just following orders.

Squall: I'm not fighting for some great cause like saving the world or anything.

I'm just trying to survive to see my friends again. That's all.

Hope: They must mean a lot to you.

Squall: Yeah. Now come on, let's go. You need my help, right?

Hope: To be reunited with your friends, huh?

Maybe I just need to keep my eyes front. There's no going back after all.

Cutscene Initial Clear: Gems: 100

A Lion's Heart Pt. 4

Quest LV: 35 Battles: 4

  • Clear without any KOs: Gem ×50
  • Clear within 80 turns: Gem ×50
  • Clear without taking any Breaks: Guard Orb ×5
  • Score Target: 7500: Gem ×50
  • Initial Clear: Gem ×100

  1. Goblin LV35, Skeleton LV30, Goblin LV35
  2. Wolf LV32, Alpha Wolf LV32, Wolf LV32
  3. Skeleton LV35, Skeleton LV35
  4. Gaia Behemoth LV35

  • Items: 2 & 3 gear enhancement materials
  • Gil: 461
  • EXP: 388

A Lion's Heart Pt. 5

Quest LV: 45 Battles: 5

  • Clear without any KOs: Gem ×50
  • Clear within 125 turns: Gem ×50
  • Clear without taking any Breaks: Guard Orb ×5
  • Score Target: 9000: Gem ×50
  • Initial Clear: Lion's Belt (VIII)

  1. Goblin Mage LV45, Skeleton LV40, Goblin Mage LV45
  2. Wolf LV34, Alpha Wolf LV42, Wolf LV42
  3. Behemoth LV30
  4. Skeleton LV42, Skeleton LV45, Skeleton LV42
  5. Gaia Behemoth LV45

  • Items: —
  • Gil: 672
  • EXP: 625