A Burning Passion (Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia)

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Reckless Courage

Mog: Kupo?

Someone's heading toward the Torsion up ahead.

Warrior of Light: A foe, perchance?

Mog: Quite the opposite, kupo! They're one of us!

Tifa: You think they're trying to close the Torsion then?

Rem: They probably have no idea what they're getting themselves into.

Vaan: Which is why we oughta save them. The monsters here are too tough to fight alone.

Mog: We have to hurry then, kupo!

Warrior of Light: Indeed.

Sazh: Seriously though, you gotta be pretty reckless to be out here wrestling monsters all alone.

...Especially while trudging through all this snow.

Warrior of Light: That is simply a testament to his courage. I'm certain he shall prove to be a great help to our cause.

Mog: There's only one way to find out. Come on, kupo!

Cutscene Initial Clear Bonus: Gem ×100

A Burning Passion Pt. 1

Quest LV: 10 Waves: 3

  • Clear without any KOs: Gem ×50
  • Clear within 60 turns: Gem ×50
  • Take 1000 or less HP damage: High Power Orb ×5
  • Score Target: 2500: Gem ×50
  • Initial Clear: Gem ×100

  • Items: 2 enhancement materials and gear
  • Gil: 165
  • EXP: 74

The Hero Among Us

Warrior of Light: Well, we were able to close the Torsion.

But where is the lone warrior who came this way?

Hope: He's probably still around here somewhere.

There are still some monsters left—


???: Take this!

Hope: Huh...?


Snow: Hope!?

Is that really you!?

Zidane: You two know each other?

He's a friend of ours from back home. Never expected to run into him here though.

Snow: Sazh, it's good to see you. By the way, who are your new friends?

Mog: They're warriors gathered here from different worlds, kupo!

Zidane: And any friend of Hope and Sazh is a friend of ours.

I mean, you risked your life to save someone who you thought was a stranger.

Now that's a real hero!

Snow: A talking moogle and a guy with a tail—and I thought I'd seen it all.

Consider my mind blown.

Hope: Doesn't take much to do that.

Zidane: Whoa, harsh. What's gotten into him?

Sazh: Let's just say things weren't always sunshine and rainbows between them.

Warrior of Light: For what purpose did you approach the Torsion?

Snow: You talking about that portal-thing? I don't know where it came from.

But I can't just ignore something that's spitting out monsters.

So I figured I should do something about it before anyone got hurt.

Mog: Then you should come with us to save the world, kupo!

Snow Save the world, huh? I like the sound of that.

All right! You need a hero, you got one!

Mog: Great! We're counting on you, kupo!

Snow: I know how to take a hit, so if you need me to lure the enemies, just let me know.

Hope: You never change, do you?

Cutscene Initial Clear Bonus: Gem ×100

New Ally: Snow | Description: Uses Steelguard to collect target's focus and reduce BRV damage

A Burning Passion Pt. 2

Quest LV: 20 Waves: 3

  • Clear without any KOs: Gem ×50
  • Clear within 65 turns: Gem ×50
  • Take 1500 or less HP damage: Higher Power Orb ×5
  • Score Target: 3000: Gem ×50
  • Initial Clear: Gem ×100

  1. Ice Bomb LV14, Silver Lobo LV17, Ice Bomb LV14
  2. Silver Lobo LV15, Flan LV15, Silver Lobo LV15
  3. Aggressive Turtle LV20

  • Items: 2 enhancement materials and gear
  • Gil: ???
  • EXP: ???

A Burning Passion Pt. 3

Quest LV: 30 Waves: 4

  1. Ice Bomb LV30, Silver Lobo LV30, Ice Bomb LV30
  2. Ice Bomb LV30, Flan LV30
  3. Silver Lobo LV27, Flan LV30, Silver Lobo LV27
  4. Aggressive Turtle LV30

  • Items: random 2 enhancement materials and gear
  • Gil: 427
  • EXP: 237

The Will to Protect All of Us

Snow: So all of you are fighting for something, huh?

Zidane: You too, right? You must've got some sort of plan.

I mean, you wouldn't be risking your life to protect others if you didn't.

Snow: I'll do anything to protect those I care about. Doesn't matter where I am.

Besides, if this world were destroyed, then Cocoon...

Hope: It's someplace back in our world. Snow, come on, nobody knows what you're talking about.

Snow: Yeah, my bad. Anyway, I can't allow my home to be destroyed.

I've got someone there I care about, you know? I'm not going to let anyone get hurt.

Cloud: Pretty sure of yourself, huh?

Cecil: Do you really think you can do it all on your own?

Snow: It's not gonna be easy, but I'm sure it'll all work out. It always does.

Besides, I'm not alone. I've got you guys, right?

Zidane: That's the spirit! I think we're gonna get along just fine.

...So is this someone you're trying to protect really that cute?

Snow: You bet she is. I could go on about her all day. ...So I better not see you try to make a move on her.

Hope: Don't worry. Her sister would kill you before Snow ever got to you.

Zidane: Y-you don't say. Sounds like Snow has it rough back home.

Warrior of Light: Someone to protect...

Snow: Come on, I know there's someone you're fighting for, too.

Warrior of Light: I have walked the path of light.

But I question if I have ever risked my life to protect someone as you do.

Mog: Don't beat yourself up over not being able to remember, kupo.

Cloud: I'm sure you'll find yourself if you just keep moving forward.

Talking about it can only get you so far.

Warrior of Light: You're right.

Perhaps one day, I will become more like you, able to—

Snow: You're thinking too much again! Just go with the flow and it'll all work out. I promise.

Hope: *Sigh* While I'm glad he's okay, I'm starting to miss when things were a little...quieter.

Zidane: Come on, what's the fun in that? Besides, I kind of like the guy.

Cutscene Initial Clear Bonus: Gem ×100

A Burning Passion Pt. 4

Quest LV: 40 Waves: 4

  • Clear without any KOs: Gem ×50
  • Clear within 90 turns: Gem ×50
  • Take 3000 or less HP damage: Higher Guard Orb ×5
  • Score Target: 7500: Gem ×50
  • Initial Clear: Gem ×100

  • Items: Random: 2, 3 enhancement materials; 2 gear
  • Gil: 450
  • EXP: 358

A Burning Passion Pt. 5

Quest LV: 50 Waves: 5

  • Items: 2 enhancement materials
  • Gil: 653
  • EXP: 439

A Burning Passion [Co-op]

Quest LV: 70 Waves: 1

  • Clear without any KOs: Gem ×100
  • Clear within 40 turns: Gem ×100
  • Take 4500 or less HP damage: Gem ×100
  • Score Target: 25000: Gem ×100
  • Initial Clear: Gem ×100

  • Items: Artifacts
  • Gil: ????
  • EXP: ????