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"Wield your mutable greatsword and overwhelm your foes with a relentless onslaught."

This unstoppable berserker gains power each time he lands an attack. With his Deranged Soul ability, Garland can restrain his foe in an iron grip while strengthening himself.

-Final Fantasy-

Also known as the Warrior of Chaos, Garland has accepted his fate to be in eternal conflict. His main equipment is a large sword that has the ability to shapeshift during combat.

Garland is the FF1 counterpart to Warrior of Light, specializing in surprise attacks. Soul of Chaos II boasts a phenomenal span of enhanced firepower and range when active. Although it is not suitable for aggressively attacking from far away since it will weaken within the time you do not land an attack.

Type/Class: Heavy/Vanguard

System Mechanic: Soul of Chaos

While landing a certain number of bravery attacks(roughly two combos), Garland gets a buff to enhance his BRV attacks(Power, Range, Keep value generation rate and duration). There are three stages: Normal -> SoCI -> SoCII

SoC lasts 25 seconds; after that amount of time Garland will revert to an earlier form if a certain amount of attacks have not landed(He wil revert to SoCI if he is in SoCII, and normal if he is SoCI).

Numerical values for SoC activation are set for each BRV Attack, meaning it does not get any faster if you have a damage buff like Mighty Strike(These values require more investigation). The last part of a BRV attack usually gives a large boost to the set value for SoC, so stopping attacks partway does not make it faster; the value will increase normally even if the attacks are blocked. Earthquake and Blaze give some value, but they also do BRV damage, so that may be why. Finally, you cannot increase the value via BRV damage EX skills like Poisonga.





Round Edge

Swing around your sword while moving forward, then slice into your foe with an axe.

Garland spins his sword and moves, ends with a strike that send people up and away. Does not continue passed cliffs.

Wall rushes at a high point.


It is a move with a big hitbox, so it does not require precision.

The movement through the advancement of the move is great, and the damage is high.

The keep value is applied early and continues throughout the move.


It has big gaps for punishment, and does not perform well as an anti air.

Will drop part way if opponent is off the edge of a cliff.

Is not good to spam.


Know where you want to go and what you want to do with this move, use it with a reason.

Since the first part has good range, it is good for catching the opponents wakeup options.

It can wall slam from a far distance, meaning it is good for BRV combos to get into SoC.

↑ + ×


Shoot a chain forth from your sword that draws in your foe, and then send them flying with a sword blow.

A mid-range move where Garland hits the opponent with the point of his sword and pulls them back in. It wall rushes in front of him.


The start of the move is very long range. It starts up very quickly for how long it goes as well.

This move will beat out any close range attacks.

Even on the ground, this move will hit people out of the air.


This moves narrow-field of tracking makes it hard to hit moving enemies.

You do not move for the entirety of the move, which will leave you open to punishment.


Basically, use this more as an anti air for opponents approaching you. In SoC, you can use it to catch Marksmen dashing to the side. It is a very useful tool, just do not spam it.

↓ + ×



Slam your axe into the earth and send a pillar of slow-moving lightning toward your opponent.

Garland pounds the ground with his axe and forms a bolt of lightning. There can only be one bolt on the screen. The axe pound deals damage.


The move is very fast, including the Axe swing.

The bolt stays for a long time, and the vertical range is strong.


The bolt is slow and does not push back a lot. It does not do much damage, either.

The bolt will disappear if it hits any obstacle or cliff.


R + ×

Lance Drill


Morph your greatsword into a spear and rush forward. Hold down × to increase how far forward you rush.

Garland stabs you with his sword and pushes you forward. The longer you hold it, the more hits it will do, and the futher it will go. As you prgress through SoC, the max hits will get larger. A high keep value is applied at the start of the move. Wallrushes forward.


Wins a lot of trades, and the wall rush range is long.




Descend upon your foe with a flurry of blows from your two blades, and then finish them off with your axe.

↑ + ×

Send a chain flying forth from your sword and swing it up and down.

↓ + ×

Ready your greatsword before setting off a series of explosions in the direction of your foe.

Aerial dashing

R + ×




one200_h_01.gif one200_h_01_(air).gif

Smash foes into the earth from above with this mid-range attack.

Available from character level 1.


Call forth a column of water that pursues the enemy.

Acquired at character level 2.


Engulf all nearby enemies in a conflagration.

Acquired at character level 5.


Manifest a cyclone that pursues distant enemies.

Acquired at character level 10.


Deranged Soul

Restrain your opponent and do continuous damage to them. Hold down △ to maintain your grasp.

Type Name Execution Damage Speed Properties
BRVGround Round Edge × × × ×
BRVGround Reel ↑+× × × ×
BRVGround Thundaga ↓+× × × ×
BRVAir Twin Swords × × × ×
BRVAir Chain Cast ↑+× × × ×
BRVAir Flare ↓+× × × ×
BRVDash Lance Drill × × × ×
HP Earthquake × × ×
HP Tsunami × × ×
HP Cyclone × × ×
HP Blaze × × ×
EX Deranged Soul × × Grab, chargeable