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"A young woman wielding magic powers through her Esper blood. Having been mind-controlled for a long period of time, she is unsettled at the thought of fighting."

Terra is the main character of Final Fantasy VI and a warrior of Cosmos in Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Terra in Final Fantasy VI

Robbed of her will from a young age, Terra is used as a tool of desctruction for her powerful magic and is a feared warrior.

After being freed of the mind-control placed on her, Terra faces the truth of her past and shuns the power she wields, unable to decide her path.

Having the truth that she is the only one who bears the blood of a human and Esper, she decides to set out to accomplish something of which only she is capable.

Terra in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

Originally summoned as a warrior of Chaos, Kefka became interested in her powers. Kefka uses his spells to control Terra, making her an unwilling pawn to aid him in his quest for destruction.

Kuja frees Terra of Kefka's spell, allowing her to regain her will. Unable to defy her mission, she continues to unwillingly participate in the fight.

To this girl, another path is revealed by one who whould naturelly be her ennemy--the warrior of Cosmos, Vaan.

Inspired by Vaan's unwavering yet somewhat selfish will, Terra eventually receives Cosmos's strength.

Although her memories of Vaan have disappeared after receiving purification, Terra carries a clear goal during the final cycle to protect the one who saved her, the Onion Knight. It is through this desire thatTerra calls forth the courage needed to face Kefka.

Her crystal in particular proves that there are things passed down, despite the countless cycles of battles faced.

Terra in Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade