Summons (Dissidia Final Fantasy NT)

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Strong of both limb and will, swathed in flames and possessed of keen fangs, this beast rampages about, invigorating its masters while enhancing bravery attacks.

Warcry — Reduce foes' guard stamina more quickly.

Meteor Strike — Quicker guard stamina reduction, Bravery attack power +



This bewitching ice queen dances lithely about, freezing everyone in her path. Her gelid breath influences the bravery of her overlords.

Overflow — Default bravery value recovery +

Algid Aura — Default bravery value and recovery +



Ramuh has an uncanny intellect, a pointed glare, and a command over lightning. His gift governs the use ally-buffing EX skills.

High Voltage — Buff skill gauge gain +

Catalyzing Spark — Buff skill gauge gain +, Buff effect duration +



Though prideful, this knight has the skill to back up his claims and cleave his detractors with ease. He can bestow astonishing speed upon those who summon him.

Greased Lightning — Increase dash gauge recovery

Bladeglint — Dash gauge recovery +, Move speed +



Born of the vast ocean depths, this monstrosity can douse foes with aqueous orbs. Its ill humors make for more powerful debuff skills.

Tidal Roar — Debuff skill gauge gain +

Sheer Misery — Debuff skill gauge gain +, Debuff effect duration +



He is a walking fortress of light that purifies a wide swath of land almost instantly. His sacred powers, however, can also be used to shore up defenses.

Providence — Increase max HP gauge value

Divine Bulwark — Max HP gauge value +, Defense +


This prodigious dragon's shrewd mind is almost as impressive as the searing fire that he breathes. That and how his presence enhances allies' unique EX skills.


Frenzied Bellow — Increase unique EX skill gauge gain

Drakenscourge — Unique EX skill gauge gain +, Effect duration +